SHANGHAI BABY is bold evolution of the prestige restaurant brand into an all-encompassing dining and entertainment experience.

Founded in 2014 by Creative Director Nic Minniti,

This unique convergence of dramatic design, modern Cantonese cuisine,
world class mixology and musical talent collaboration across multiple genres creates a restaurant and lounge club concept that is momentous in scale and ambition.

Shanghai Baby enlisted leading international designer Grant Chyene
and interior stylist Caroline Usher to create an immersive 3 level space that offers a variety of experiences and environment. It’s progressive design is an integration of the brand’s distinctive aesthetic, that contains its contemporary vision inspired by classic Chinoiserie and re-imaged for Bali.

Shanghai Baby is gaining internationally acclaimed reviews for its modern style of Cantonese cuisine and breath taking interiors, and is quickly becoming the flavour of conversation amongst Asia’s elite dining and entertainment circles.

Located in Jl Petitienget, Seminyak, Bali over 3 levels of whats been
described simply as an extravagant hush hush affair,
the Shanghai Baby residence captures the style and elegance found only
in the most exclusive of private homes,