Food Philosophy

Rediscover the exquisiteness of redefined cantonese culinary culture

The Brand’s culinary program – takes on a modern approach to Cantonese cuisine.
Serving traditional authentic Cantonese flavours, redefined using the finest selection of
quality meat, seafood and spices from Indonesia and from around the world,
transformed through modern cooking techniques.

Set in a modern interior of timeless elegance the Shanghai Baby Residence.
Shanghai Baby is an innovative re-imagining of modern cantonese food applying
traditional cooking techniques and fresh, premium quality natural ingredients,

Shanghai Baby creates a fine dining experience  that is recognisably and authentically
modern cantonese reminiscent of Shanghai in the 1930’s inspired by the Paris of the East.

The delicate movement of the service patron is choreographed to reflect Shanghai
performing art. Infused harmoniously, to produce a singular memorable
Shanghai Baby dining experience.