Lounge Club


The Shanghai Room is located on the first floor of the Shanghai Baby Residence in Bali.

At first the Shanghai Room feels opulent, but then you notice the decadence in the details, sweeping across the ceiling are silk printed ceilings backlight with advant grand murals setting the tone casting an intimate glow, as party goers rest their drinks on bespoke tables covered in 24 carrot gold leaf, they dance on terrazzo podiums and plush leather sofas as there is no dance floor. This is the private party you’ve been searching for…

Where do the elite party? They party at home, where they have great music, great service and a door they can control.

Shanghai Baby will transport the Jetset crowd into an opulent and richly adorned fantasy that blends the old world devotion to service and sophistication of a European “bottle club” with the intimate sense of escape that haunts a dream.

The world’s top DJ’s and staff work in concert with musicians, drummers, and dancers to create a carefully choreographed private journey into the surreal. Members and a privileged few will be attended with a passionate devotion to service and distinction that only exists within the private homes of the elite.

As we embark on this ambitious adventure, Shanghai Baby is energised by the challenge of developing this unique brand into an unforgettable landmark on the island of Bali, while we strive to strengthen the brand evolution in terms of product, service, and content.

Our mission is as simple as it is challenging: to incorporate the unique character of Bali, recognise their inherent needs, and in so doing provide the most exclusive and thrilling Lounge experience for those that demand the very best…Shanghai Baby is your home.

Functions & Events

The Shanghai Room is the ideal for that late night affair, host your exclusive event or large group booking. Seating up to 140 guests the Shanghai Room can cater up to 250 guests and is can host the most lavish cocktail parties for your special event.

For more intimate groups or for that hush hush affair the private booths can be closed to seat 20 up to 60 guests.

For the concerning VVIP’s …”The Opium Den” offers exclusive groups up to 15 pax with your own self contained bar and private butler.

For further details please contact one of our resident event co-ordinators (here)